Smarte Carte Wins New Locker Contract with Me Cure

Innovative Secure Pickup Solution for Over the Counter Medicines, Personal Care, Household Supplies and Online Shopping

Minneapolis, MN – May 15, 2014 –  Ed Rudis, CEO of Smarte Carte Inc, announced today the signing of a contract for the sale of 100 of the Smarte Carte SL-1000 lockers to Me Cure We Care Ltd, a leading healthcare solutions provider in Nigeria. The lockers will enable customers to collect their online purchases from a secure locker that only they can access. This offers convenience and today’s technology to the people of Lagos – Nigeria, eliminates the risk of product tampering and provides assurance that the appropriate person is receiving their shipment.

“The use of our leading SL-1000 lockers in the healthcare sector is one that we are very excited about. This innovative solution offers higher security, convenience and customer protection, and we are very pleased that Me Cure selected Smarte Carte as their partner in this new service,” commented Ed Rudis, CEO of Smarte Carte.

Me Cure, Nigeria’s premiere healthcare company is launching the Me Cure We Care program. This comprehensive program integrates healthcare and technology to raise the overall standard of healthcare for the citizens of Lagos. As a part of the innovative Me Cure We Care project, Lagosians will enjoy neighborhood delivery of personal care and household products, as well as the only 100% guaranteed safe OTC products in Nigeria.

“We needed a partner we could trust for our program and we are happy to be working with Smarte Carte in this new solution. Their 20 years of experience in locker technology and their ability to customize the lockers to our requirements makes them a valued partner,” commented Samir Udani, Chairman of Me Cure.

About Smarte Carte – For over 40 years, Smarte Carte has built on its reputation as an innovator and self-service leader.  It has developed a leading line of self-service lockers which are used in over 1,000 locations, primarily for daily storage of personal items. It has expanded the functionality of the lockers to incorporate parcel locker deliveries, grocery deliveries and pharmaceutical deliveries.

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