Kiddie Kruzzer®

Kiddie Kruzzer strollers offer the following amenities:

  • A choice of stroller colors with corresponding decals
  • Mesh bags to hold packages
  • Large wheels and casters for a smooth ride
  • Seat belt for child safety

Fun strollers for mall guests, revenue options for mall management

Kiddie Kruzzer strollers offer child-friendly fun for your guests. Whether you choose to rent individual strollers from guest services or opt for self-service or semi-automatic vending stations that dispense strollers to your guests, the Kiddie Kruzzer suite of stroller products offers flexible options to fit your needs.

Your program choices are plentiful

1 Purchase
2 Lease
3 Revenue Share

Vending Tower, Storage Plates, and Stroller Ports

Power Standard 120V, 60Hz
  • Accepts cash, can be configured to accept credit cards.
  • Dispenses change.
Construction Housing: Stainless steel
Plates: Stainless steel
Stroller ports: Plastic and stainless steel
Footprint Available in a variety of configurations: Straight line single sided, double sided, “T” and “U”.
Height Tower: 45″

Kiddie Kruzzer

Shell Meets Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act guidelines for child-safe plastic.
Graphics Can be applied to any stroller for fun variety.  Peel and stick decals can be replaced to “freshen up” strollers.
Stroller Dimensions Including the Handle
  • Single: Height 40″ • Length 45″ • Width 22″
  • Double: Height 40″ • Length 64″ • Width 22″
  • Extended Cab Single – no cup holders:  Height 40″ • Length 45″ • Width 22″



Call for more info. 1-800-838-1176 (toll-free)
Don’t qualify or don’t want a revenue-share program?
The Kiddie Kruzzer suite of stroller products is available for purchase.
Basic stroller needs?
The Kiddie Kab™ line of strollers provide basic functionality at affordable prices.
Want to offer your guests free stroller use?
No problem – when you purchase Kiddie Kruzzer or Kiddie Kab strollers you can offer them free to your guests at your discretion.