Passenger Services


Our wide range of concession and non-concession airport services is tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of airports and their passengers. 


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Passenger Services

With a solid commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide carefully crafted products and services that increase revenues, enhance operational effectiveness, drive cost savings, and elevate the overall passenger experience.

Porter Service

Our Porter Services ensure a world-class all-inclusive experience for passengers.

  •  A no-cost added revenue for your airport
  • Services offered curbside or at baggage carousels
  • Transparent and upfront pricing eliminates the need for tipping
  • Real-time analytics provide valuable performance insights

Baggage Storage

Our Baggage Storage solutions meet the needs of modern travelers.

  • Secure and convenient 24/7 baggage storage solutions
  • Flexible storage options to meet diverse passenger requirements
  • Choose between pre-booking or walk-up service for added convenience
  • High safety and security protocols ensure a rigorous chain of custody

Lost Property

Our Lost Property service offers a caregiver-focused approach to returning lost items quickly.

  • Dedicated commitment to repatriation for efficiency and cost savings
  • Stringent security and chain of custody processes for peace of mind
  • Convenient reporting and searching options enhance the passenger experience
  • Flexible shipping and payment options for added convenience
Passenger Services

Bag Wrap

Airports choose Smarte Carte for bag wrap services for our exceptional expertise and comprehensive offerings. 

  • Bag wrap services enhance airport security for passenger luggage
  • Protect bags from damage, providing peace of mind
  • Reliable and efficient bag wrap services for a seamless travel experience
  • Added revenue source

Meet and Greet

Our Meet and Greet services extend a warm, personalized welcome to passengers.

  • Professional, dedicated, and cross-trained staff provides a seamless experience
  • Proprietary web-based management system for efficient reservations, fees, and confirmations
  • Personalized white glove service to make passengers feel valued and cared for
Passenger Services

Information Services

Elevate your airport’s information services with our professionalism and approachability.

  • Delivering best-in-class assistance 24/7/365 to enhance the passenger journey.
  • Customer-centric approach prioritizes satisfaction in every interaction.
  • Accurate and helpful information to guide passengers through their travel experience.
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Unlock a comprehensive suite of services that adds revenue, streamlines operations, and elevates the passenger experience. Our advanced technologies and remote tracking capabilities optimize performance monitoring. Backed by a global network and a dedicated team of professionals, Smarte Carte delivers excellence and a seamless passenger journey.