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With over 50 years of experience, Smarte Carte is the trusted choice for streamlining your cart management operations and increasing non-aeronautical revenue. Our exceptional service and advanced technology span 3,200 global locations. We specialize in customizing solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, allowing for seamless and efficient cart management operations.


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Luggage carts

We take pride in owning all key facets of our operation. From engineering and technical services to marketing and manufacturing, we develop our products and services in-house, ensuring the success of every location’s operation.

Data-Driven Approach 

  • Utilize operating and financial data to drive cost efficiency, customer satisfaction, and pricing decisions
  • Deploy standard operating procedures and lean process improvements based on data insights from decades of operation
Luggage carts

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Global infrastructure to support your business requirements 
  • Staff flexibility across airports and retail services for seamless scaling
  • Dynamic staffing model to support variable demand
  • Support both free and user-paid systems

Strategic Supplier Relationships and Infrastructure

  • Partnerships with U.S. and international suppliers for flexibility and quick turnaround
  • Central warehouse for efficient assembly, distribution, and parts management
  • Extensive team of in-house experts, including engineers, software developers, customer support, and warehouse technicians
Luggage carts
Luggage carts

Service Expertise

  • Operational expertise for seamless cart management, reducing congestion, and improving flow
  • On-site technicians to manage and service equipment to maintain maximum cart availability
  • Reliable service ensuring a clean and organized cart fleet
Luggage carts

Smarte Carte believes in optimizing luggage cart operations through industry-leading technology. Our advanced family of kiosks streamlines cart management, while our durable, high-quality carts prioritize passenger experience. 



Luggage Carts

Improve Your Operations

Trust Smarte Carte for streamlined and impactful luggage cart management services. Our team of industry experts is dedicated to understanding your specific requirements, ensuring a dependable, revenue-generating, and tailored solution for your locations.