Shopping carts

Shopping Carts

The Smarte Carte Mall Shopper provides shoppers with a large-capacity shopping cart that enhances their shopping experience, leading to increased purchases and spending, while offering functionality, durability, and attractiveness with features such as maximum package capacity and a child seat and its efficient design saves floor space while ensuring availability for every customer.

The Smarte Carte Mall Shopper provides shoppers with a spacious and durable shopping cart, enhancing their experience and increasing sales.

  • Doubles as a stroller with a plastic-coated child seat and lap safety belt.
  • Extra-large nylon parcel bag for storing packages.
  • Designed to be pushed and easily maneuvered, even when fully loaded.
  • Patented three-wheel design provides smooth, quiet movement over all surfaces.
Shopping Carts
Shopping carts

Our kiosks can be strategically positioned for seamless shopping, allowing customers to easily rent and return carts, saving time for shoppers and facility operators.

  • Real-time monitoring for cart tracking and servicing
  • Automated kiosks with versatile payment options
  • Advanced reporting tools for improved productivity
  • ADA compliant with multiple language options
Improve Your Operations

A Smarte Carte concession provides the equipment and staff needed to manage the service, reducing capital expenditures and labor costs while improving your customer service program. Invite your customers to shop longer with the Smarte Carte shopping cart management system.