Kiddie Kruzzer®

Kiddie Kruzzer strollers offer the following amenities:

  • A choice of stroller colors with corresponding decals
  • Mesh bags to hold packages
  • Large wheels and casters for a smooth ride
  • Seat belt for child safety


Fun strollers for mall guests, revenue for mall management

Kiddie Kruzzer strollers offer child-friendly fun for your guests. Whether you choose to rent individual strollers from guest services or opt for self-service or semi-automatic vending stations that dispense strollers to your guests, the Kiddie Kruzzer suite of stroller products offers flexible options to fit your needs.


Vending Tower, Storage Plates, and Stroller Ports

Power Standard 120V, 60Hz
  • Accepts cash, can be configured to accept credit cards.
  • Dispenses change.
Construction Housing: Stainless steel
Plates: Stainless steel
Stroller ports: Plastic and stainless steel
Footprint Available in a variety of configurations: Straight line single sided, double sided, “T” and “U”.
Height Tower: 45″
Certification Built to certified ISO9001:2015 Quality Standards

Kiddie Kruzzer

Shell Meets Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act guidelines for child-safe plastic.
Graphics Can be applied to any stroller for fun variety.  Peel and stick decals can be replaced to “freshen up” strollers.
Stroller Dimensions Including the Handle
  • Single: Height 40″ • Length 45″ • Width 22″
  • Double: Height 40″ • Length 64″ • Width 22″
  • Extended Cab Single – no cup holders:  Height 40″ • Length 45″ • Width 22″
Certification Built to certified ISO9001:2015 Quality Standards
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Not sure which product is for you?

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Don’t qualify or don’t want a revenue-share program?
The Kiddie Kruzzer suite of stroller products is available for purchase.
Basic stroller needs?
The Kiddie Kab™ line of strollers provide basic functionality at affordable prices.
Want to offer your guests free stroller use?
No problem – when you purchase Kiddie Kruzzer or Kiddie Kab strollers you can offer them free to your guests at your discretion.