Velochi Stroller

Velochi strollers offer the following amenities:

  • Embedded tablets with apps and games for children
  • Sleek, modern design that fits with the aesthetic of your centers
  • Soft, easy-roll wheels to provide a smooth ride with easy turning and maneuverability
  • Comfortable hammock style seating for children
  • “Antler” handles to hang packages
  • Cup holders to handle any size drink, including juice boxes
  • Steering wheels that hold a cell phone – one steering wheel


Introducing Velochi
Tablets Keep Kids Entertained

Sleek, attractive styling combined with tablet entertainment and functionality creates a state of the art stroller that enhances your guest’s shopping experience and extends their stay in your centers.

The modern, yet durable design was created with your property’s aesthetics in mind. We engaged a design team that works in the shopping center industry and an engineering design firm with experience in children’s goods. Their extensive knowledge of design aesthetics combined with a drive towards optimal function and performance resulted in a stroller that integrates with today’s modern community gathering spaces: clean, simple lines, eye catching color pops, entertainment for children and thoughtful features for the parents.


Vending Station, Storage Track, And Return Unit

Power Current draw (Stand by): 17 watts @ 24 volt 0.7 Amp
  • Accepts credit card and cash.
  • Dispenses change.
  • Housings: powder painted cold-rolled steel and vacuum formed plastic.
  • Track: extruded aluminum or steel protected with E-coat and chip resistant powder paint.
  • Length: Minimum of 15 ft. total, can be extended in 5 ft. increments
  • Width: 35″
Height With Tri-Sign Installed: maximum height of 95″. Can be reduced by lowering the tri-sign.
Construction Stainless Steel
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Tired of your Operations staff maintaining strollers?
Smarte Carte location managers service and maintain the equipment, providing all parts and repairs free of charge as part of the program.
Want to invest your capital in mall improvements instead of strollers?
Smarte Carte owns, installs, and maintains the stroller equipment, paying you a share of the revenue with no investment required from you.
Want to remove cash handling from your staff?
Smarte Carte collects the cash, accounts for the credit card vends, performs audits, creates the sales reports, and mails you a check or automatic deposit each month.