Aviation Mobility

The complete solution for maintaining a DoT-compliant fleet of wheelchairs for your passengers

Aviation Mobility by Smarte Carte offers commercial airlines a better way to meet the mobility needs of passengers. Leverage our end-to-end procurement, customization, delivery, and maintenance services to quickly build your fleet. With a full-range of DoT-compliant, easy-to-use wheelchair models we’ll keep your passengers comfortable and mobile.

Aviation Mobility helps commercial airlines implement wheelchair mobility services by providing:

  • A wide-range of wheelchair models
  • On-site technicians to handle maintenance and repairs
  • The shortest lead times in the industry
  • Branding and customization options
  • An extensive national network and growing international network
  • Reliable customer service


Aviation Mobility has a strong presence in airports across the U.S. and select international location with over 50 active customers across 300 airports.

Aviation Mobility Direct Contact

Justin Mauldin – General Manager of Mobility Services
[email protected]