Smarte Carte to Provide Locker Service at New Shanghai South Railway Station

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Smarte Carte To Provide Locker Service At New Shanghai South Railway Station

St. Paul, MN (April 2006) – With 35 years of experience and operations in 17 countries, Smarte Carte is the world’s most experienced operator of electronic locker and luggage trolley services at transportation centers. Smarte Carte recently expanded its presence in China with a five year agreement to provide Smarte Locke® electronic locker services at the new Shanghai South Railway Station.

The service will include 4 banks of lockers with a total of 160 locker doors. Smarte Locke lockers are computerized with sophisticated activity tracking, reporting, and automated emergency lock, unlock, reset and disable features that are monitored by on-site Smarte Carte managers. Smarte Carte manages locker services at more than 600 transportation centers, shopping centers and entertainment facilities worldwide.

The impressive new Shanghai South Railway Station is expected to open in June. The new station will be the largest railway station in the world, and will serve as a central hub for railway, subway, light rail and buses in Shanghai. The station is circular in design, constructed of 8000 tons of steel and is the size of 40 football stadiums. Shanghai South will have 13 rail lines, 6 platforms and the waiting area will have seating for 6,000 and be capable of accommodating more than 10,000 passengers at one time. Annual passenger traffic for the station is expected to exceed 15 million.

Smarte Carte, Inc., is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Smarte Carte is the leading concessionaire of trolley, locker, stroller and other passenger/guest services at more than 1000 airports, train stations, bus terminals, shopping centers and entertainment facilities around the world. Smarte Carte’s focus on maximizing the passenger experience has led to the addition of other passenger service offerings such as baggage wrap and cell phone charging. The company employs over 1,300 employees in 11 countries on five continents. For more information on all Smarte Carte passenger services, please visit