Stroller Sponsorship Provides New Revenue Sources for Your Mall

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ST. PAUL, MN (FEBRUARY 2008) –– Smarte Carte, the leading provider of self-serve strollers and shopping carts at U.S. shopping centers, is launching a new sponsorship program that allows malls to make their mall stroller service part of their media mix.

Traditional media, like TV, radio and newspaper, are becoming increasingly fragmented, making it difficult for advertisers to reach a broad audience with consistency and high frequency. A Smarte Ads™ stroller sponsorship program transforms Smarte Carte’s Smarte Wheels® mall strollers into rolling billboards. According to Cyd Perszyk, Director of Business Development for Smarte Carte’s Guest Services Group,”Mall stroller advertising delivers multiple exposures to consumers with greater frequency than other media, because our strollers move the sponsor’s message throughout the mall and in and out of retail stores. Our Smarte Wheels strollers are deployed at hundreds of shopping malls nationwide, so potential advertisers could include local businesses as well as national brands.”

For shopping centers, including Smarte Wheels mall strollers in their sponsorship portfolio couldn’t be easier. The center is in complete control of selling the sponsorship and pays Smarte Carte a one-time project coordination fee and a per stroller/per month fee to handle program execution. Smarte Carte manages production of the advertising decals, installation, maintenance and removal of the decals at the end of the campaign. The mall keeps 100% of the sponsorship dollars.

Current Smarte Carte mall stroller customers should contact Smarte Carte for more information and to initiate the program.

If your mall doesn’t have a Smarte Carte stroller service, this sponsorship opportunity is just one more good reason to update your mall stroller program. A Smarte Wheels stroller system is available through Smarte Carte’s popular Revenue Share Concession Option, where the shopping center receives a state-of-the-art, self-serve solution without any out-of-pocket investment in equipment. Smarte Carte absorbs the ongoing costs of operating the mall stroller service and shares the revenue with the shopping center.

At Smarte Carte, our job is to never stop looking ahead. As a business that began 40 years ago with a simple solution to help people move luggage through airports, Smarte Carte is now helping people with a growing list of services in a growing number of places – from transportation terminals to shopping centers and entertainment venues – around the globe. With its corporate headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, Smarte Carte currently has more than 1,300 employees managing its services at more than 1,000 locations on five continents.

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