Acquisition of Central Specialties LTD’s Stroller and Stroller Vending Business

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ST. PAUL,MINNESOTA (February1, 2012) –– Smarte Carte, Inc.has acquired Central Specialties Ltd.’s (Crystal Lake, IL) stroller sales and concession business.  The acquisition complements Smarte Carte’s position as the North American market leader in rental strollers in shopping centers and other venues.  Central
Specialties sells equipment to shopping center nclients and deploys equipment on a concession (revenue share) basis.  This increases the number of Smarte Carte’s concession properties to over 400 in North America.
Ed Rudis, President and Chief\ Executive Officer of Smarte Carte, Inc., said, “We
are delighted to complete the\ acquisition of Central Specialties Ltd’s stroller/shopping carts and vending business.  This transaction builds our stroller product portfolio, substantially, by adding exciting stroller models, as well as innovative vending units.  Central has built up a great portfolio of products and customers.”
Central Specialties Ltd.’s founders,\ Jay and Susan Maher, are looking forward to working with Smarte Carte. Jay will join Smarte Carte and continue to be actively involved in the daily management of the business, during a transitional period.  Founder Jay Maher noted “Smarte Carte’s existing presence in malls and their strong focus on customer service make this a perfect match.”  Jay and Susan retain ownership and continue to manage that portion of their business servicing the hotel and restaurant industry, with products, like youth seating, luggage racks and bellman carts.


Themed strollers, from Smarte Carte and Central Specialties Ltd., provide a fun, convenient and affordable option, for parents, with kids at malls.  Smarte Carte intends to continue to sell directly and operate on a concession basis, the popular Kiddie Kruzzer® Strollers, Kiddie Kruzzer Korral, and Kiddie Kruzzer Stroller Vending Systems.  Smarte Carte will also continue the successful international expansion efforts, initiated by Central Specialties Ltd.
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