New Self-Service Locker Wristband Kiosk with Networked Electronic Lockers

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Smarte Carte® Introduces LOCKER LINK™ Self-Service Locker Wristband Kiosk with Networked Electronic Lockers

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA (NOVEMBER 2011) – Smarte Carte, Inc., provider of electronic locker systems and vended luggage carts, strollers, and massage chairs introduces the patent pending Locker Link™
System, a networked locker solution for amusement and water parks that lets guests
buy a wristband at a self-service kiosk, then use it all day at different lockers throughout the park.  Locker Link wristbands are used with SmarteLocke™ 1000 series (SL1000) electronic lockers configured for barcodes.
The Locker Link system is the first fully networked self-service locker solution available to the amusement and water park industry. The system solves the problem of guests having to purchase multiple locker rentals in a park as they move from attraction to attraction.
Each SL1000 locker station in a park can be configured for one-time use or
multiple re-entry. One-time use lockers can be located close to specific attractions and used for temporary secure storage.  When guests are finished at one attraction, they can retrieve their items and move to a different locker station at a different attraction, all with just one wristband.  Multiple re-entry lockers can be
located centrally in a park and used for all-day storage of jackets, backpacks, retail purchases, and other items a guest may need to access throughout the day. The same wristband can be used for the attraction lockers as well as the all-day lockers. Kiosks are placed throughout the property at strategic points to best accommodate traffic flow patterns and maximize guest convenience.
The new Locker Link wristband system is networked to central servers, providing real time feedback
to park management and operators about locker rental levels, wristband inventory, and equipment issues. Data is aggregated in the servers so that park operators can better manage their business through tracking consumer behavior such as coupon redemption, price point acceptance, and user preferences for locker sizes and types.
The Locker Link kiosk provides ultimate flexibility for park guests: it can be configured to accept credit cards, private label cards, coupons, or bills, and wristbands can be programmed so that multiple people in a large group can each wear a band and share the same lockers.
The Locker Link system can be synchronized with a property’s online ticket purchase and
couponing systems to tie into special offers for
season pass holders, groups, and other discount
The Locker Link system is available through the popular Smarte Carte concession program, where Smarte Carte provides the kiosk and lockers at no cost, maintains and manages the equipment, and shares the revenue with the park.
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