Baggage Storage

Smarte Carte’s Baggage Storage Facility offers a variety of supplemental services:

  • Internet access and printing of visas and other travel documents
  • Bag shipping
  • Bag wrapping
  • Bag weighing
  • Foldable duffle bags for customer wishing to avoid excess bag weight charges
  • Other travel convenience items, including phone chargers and electric outlet converters

Baggage Storage allows passengers to securely store belongings in between flights

Smarte Carte’s Baggage Storage Facility provides passengers with long layovers a safe and secure place to store their belongings. Smarte Carte has developed stringent security protocols which satisfy all local and national requirements and include ID checks and ion-scanning of checked items.



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Who covers the cost of the investment?
Smarte Carte will design and build the facility at its expense.
Where is the ideal location for Bag Storage?
A visible location in the arrivals level is best.
How much space is needed for a Bag Storage Facility?
Ideally, 500ft² (50m), but smaller areas could work too.